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Twitter Launched Broadcast Scheduling Feature in Media Studio

by Umair Hashmi
Twitter Launched Broadcast Scheduling

Twitter announced a new broadcast-scheduling in Media Studio. It will allow you to drive more conversions and get users’ attention before your broadcast goes live.

Product Manager Kevin Takashi Cohen says,

“Twitter has always been the place for real-time content and conversation. With broadcast scheduling in Media Studio, we’re taking our dedication to live content one step further by allowing your audience to see your broadcast the instant it happens, without missing a moment.”

Drive conversation and tune-in with broadcast scheduling

How to Schedule a Broadcast in Twitter Media Studio?

  1. Goto Producer in Media Studio. Create a broadcast and select a start time
  2. Upload a slate and include the title & description to show your audiences before the broadcast goes live
  3. Tweet a link to your broadcast and mention the start time
  4. The broadcast card transitions from scheduled to live state whenever your broadcast goes live and it will playback
  5. The replay will continue to playback after the ending of broadcast

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