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How to Get More YouTube Subscribers & Viewers? YouTube SEO 2020

by Umair Hashmi
How to get more subscribers viewers youtube

How to increase subscribers and viewers on YouTube in 2020?

We need to understand the technicalities that non-IT YouTubers do not understand.

Today’s post is very interesting because I have covered all the topics that are very important for new YouTubers.

So be sure to read the post to the end so that you can easily increase the viewers and subscribers.

You can scroll down or click here to watch the video on how to increase the subscribers and viewers?

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YouTube is powered by Google and when a website has to be brought to the first page in Google search engine, we do its SEO i.e Search Engine Optimization.

Similarly, we do SEO of YouTube videos.

So that video comes up in YouTube search.

There is not much difference between Google and YouTube SEO.

But it is important to understand one thing first.

When we search any topic on Google, you may have noticed that Google also shows videos related to that topic.

And if you click on the video tab, you see more videos being filtered.

Google shows videos

So it makes sense that you should also do SEO of your videos according to Google’s guidelines.

If a user searches this topic, your video will come to the first page.

In the beginning I will briefly explain Google SEO to you.

So that YouTube SEO will be easy to understand.

What is Google SEO?

What is SEO?

There are two types of SEO for any website. On-site SEO and Off-site SEO.

On-Site SEO

In on-site SEO, we optimize the content of our website according to the guidelines set by Google.

Off-Site SEO

And when the content of our website is optimized, we go to high quality websites and add the link to our website.

This is called back linking and is also called off-site SEO.

backlinking offsite seo

In the same way we do on-site SEO for YouTube. We will now understand this in detail.

How to do YouTube SEO to increase Subscribers & Viewers?

There are five steps of YouTube SEO:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Video Optimization
  3. Audience Retention
  4. Link Building
  5. Quantity of Videos

Step 1: Keyword Research

So the first thing you have to do is.

You need to make videos on topics that people watch and search for the most.

Our step 1 is keyword research.

The easiest way to do this is to type the name of the topic you want to make a video into a YouTube search.

So YouTube will auto suggest you a lot of topics.

youtube auto suggest

When the topics come up in the top search, you can click on them to see which videos are coming to the top and how many views are on them.

This will give you an idea of what topics people are searching for and how much they are watching.

You have to select the same keywords for your video that people are watching and searching more.

Keyword research is a very important step because that is the first mistake we make.

We make a video by selecting any topic in our mind and we haven’t even tried to find out if people are searching for it.

You have to think people’s minds, not your own. What they are searching for and wanting to see.

Search these topics on Google as well as YouTube and Google will also suggest you top keywords.

Make a list of all these keywords and make your video related to it.

If you have very few viewers and subscribers, try adding long tail keywords to your list.

Long tail keywords mean that when you search on Google and YouTube, select the entire sentence in auto suggest.

long tail keywords

This is because when you add two keywords to your list, thousands of videos are already created on it.

And the chances of your video being in the search results are very low because other YouTubers will be doing YouTube SEO just like you.

The advantage of this is that when you target long tail keywords, short tail keywords will already be included.

In your video, talk about all the topics that you may have listed in keyword research.

Step 2: Video Optimization

Add the keywords you created to your video title, description and tags.

youtube title description tags

The way to do this is to add keywords that are human readable.

Don’t add the same keyword over and over again and add your keyword in proper sentence.

Make sure the video description is at least 250 words.

This lets YouTube know what topics your video covers.

Add keywords to tags in the same way.

One tip here is that when you search a lot of keywords in keyword research, the videos that come to the top.

Take a look at their titles and descriptions and create similar titles and descriptions.

Never copy.

The way to view their tags is to copy their link.

Search for Extract YouTube Tags in Google Search.

Open the top websites and paste the link there, their tags will come up.

Target three to four best videos in the same way and copy their tags and add them to your tags.

extract youtube video tags

The advantage of the same tags is that if a user is watching a video whose tags you have copied, chances are that YouTube can suggest your video to that user as well.

Try adding English subtitles to your video because YouTube doesn’t detect our language so easily.

But if English subtitles are added to our video, then YouTube will know all our content.

If you do this you will definitely get the subscribers and viewers.

Step 3: Audience Retention

This is the most important step.

If the content of your video is boring and people are not enjoying it, you will not get more viewers and similarly you will not get the subscribers.

boring video

So YouTube knows that people don’t want to see your video.

Even if you have worked very hard in step 1 and step 2 to increase your subscribers and viewers.

If you don’t have audience retention, YouTube will lower your ranking.

And if the content of your video is so strong that people watch your video from beginning to end, then YouTube brings up the ranking of your video.

And also recommends other people.

Of course, YouTube also makes money through videos.

So YouTube only brings up the videos that people want to watch and listen to.

Now the question arises as to what are the factors that lead to good audience retention.

There are five factors in total.

  1. Content Quality
  2. Likes and Comments
  3. Subscribers
  4. Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  5. Video length

The first factor is obviously video content.

Make your video content so interesting that people will watch and like the whole video.

Do things in your video that make people ask you questions. Don’t just comment wow and nice.

Instead, try to engage users.

Then finally encourage people to subscribe to the channel if they want to watch more videos like this.

When YouTube finds out that people have watched the entire video and also commented and subscribed, YouTube raises your ranking.

Another factor is click through rate.

For example, if a user searches for a video and your video appears, he clicks on it.

So this shows YouTube that the click through rate of your video is very good.

YouTube counts on that too.

The best way to improve Click Through Rate is to make your video title much stronger.

And the thumbnail should be very attractive so that people click on it as soon as they see it.

The last factor of audience retention is video length.

The longer the length of the video, the better the chances of its ranking.

But the important thing is that if the other factors of audience retention are not included in it, then video length will not be of any use.

If the video is interesting, even if it is 20 minutes, there is no problem.

Just try to edit your video very well.

We take a lot of pauses in normal conversation and think and then speak.

Try cutting these pauses and thinking time through editing.

This will reduce the duration of the video and will also keep people interested.

Never repeat your words because it makes people bored.

Use animation, images and graphics in your videos to make the video more attractive.

Step 4: Quantity of Videos help increasing in Subscribers and Viewers

If you are constantly uploading quality videos to your channel, YouTube starts crawling your videos too much.

Try to make at least three videos a week.

This will make your channel grow faster.

Now the last step is to promote your videos.

Share your videos in facebook and whatsapp groups.

Share on twitter, instagram and other social media platforms.

Just as humans are reading our content, so are search engine bots and crawlers scanning our content.

All the search engines that have Google on top are scanning all the websites.

And give them a quality wise ranking from 1 to 100.

If the ranking of a website is in the 90s and the link of your website is placed on it.

So Google and YouTube bots know that your video links are coming from a very high ranking website.

That’s why they bring your ranking up.

This is called external linking. The same thing applies with internal linking.

That’s the way to go and comment on a high trafficked video that has millions of views.

You may have noticed that many people request likes and comments in the comment section of the videos that have millions of views.

Youtube comments for likes and reply

In fact, they want to increase the ranking of their channel.

Because if there are too many likes and replies on a comment, YouTube shows it in the top comments.

top youtube comment

Obviously, if there are a million views on that video, then there will be a million views on your comment.

And many people will see your channel by clicking on your ID.

Similarly, YouTube crawlers will crawl your channel.

But for that, keep in mind that whenever you comment, comment with your channel ID.

And the comment should be very interesting so that people like and reply to it.

It will also increase your credibility.

And the channel owner of the video whose video has received a lot of comments because of you will also visit your channel.

It is important to understand that comments on other people’s videos are not just for likes, but for social interaction and to increase your credibility.

This requires optimizing your own channel.

Go to your channel settings and optimize your channel، just like I told you in step 2.

optimize your youtube channel

That’s because when you subscribe to a channel or comment on its video.

So there will be a link to your channel, there will be no link to your video.

Try visiting 50 to 100 YouTube channels to start comments and discussions that are related to your field.

And their subscribers and viewers are in the millions.

And if there is any other video that has millions of viewers, there is no problem in commenting.

Today we have learned five very important steps.

If you follow these five steps in your videos, your subscribers and viewers will definitely increase.

If any question comes to mind, please comment below.

Thank you.

How to Increase YouTube Subscribers & Viewers 2020? YouTube SEO | Watch Video

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